Handelskade is the place where the foundation was laid for the history of the economy Curacao. In this place were many residents of Curaçao were able to earn a living with loading and unloading of ships that were moored at this shore. Piles of goods stood there waiting for transport. Traders and shopkeepers had there offices, warehouses and shops at this wharf. This wharf was once a center of great activity, a hustle and bustle of people, not just crews and workers, but also street traders offered their wares here. There was also a lot of shopping opportunity there for pedestrians. Sometimes it was so hectic that there was hardly any space for pedestrians. It was also the berth of the “swinging old lady” Willemstad “s main transport before the arrival of the Queen Emma Bridge. The historic buildings on the Handelskade with their striking facades played an important role in the birth and formation of Willemstad.

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