Local Food

Curacao is an island full of culture and our food is just the same. Curacao offers dishes from around the world. International cuisine, Indonesian cuisine, Sushi and lots more. The local food is called krioyo food. One of the most famous dishes curacao has to offer is its sea life dishes Because it is an […]


Handelskade is the place where the foundation was laid for the history of the economy Curacao. In this place were many residents of Curaçao were able to earn a living with loading and unloading of ships that were moored at this shore. Piles of goods stood there waiting for transport. Traders and shopkeepers had there […]

Fort Beekenburg

Fort Beekenburg, a fortress also known as “the Castle”, is situated at the Caracasbaai.  It was built in 1703 by Nicolaes Van Beek, a Dutch WIC Director, to defend the Spanish Water.  The Spanish Water is a large bay and one of the few locations on the south coast of Curaçao to enter by ship […]

Groot knip

The beach is also known by the locals Playa Abou called (the beach in the valley). The “Big Knip beach” is located in the west of the island, between the towns of westpoint and lagun, about 1 hour drive from the center of the capital Willemstad. A little further north is the beach Playa Forti and a little […]

Jan kok plantation

Curacao salt lakes flamingos

This plantation house is named after a Dutchman called Jan Kock, one of the first West Indian Company settlers in Curaçao. In the beginning of the 18th century the plantation bordering Sint Marie Bay was established and comprised 345 hectares (853 acres). The main “crop” was salt and the production started in 1832.  A system […]

Curacao Attractions and Treasures

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Shete Boka Blow Hole

curacao atractions

The National Park Shete Boka (seven coves or bays) is a nature reserve on Curaçao. The park was established in 1994 and covers about 200 hectares. The area borders the National Park Christoffel Park and covers more than 10 kilometers of the rugged north coast of the island. There are a dozen coves and inlets where […]