The beach is also known by the locals Playa Abou called (the beach in the valley). The “Big Knip beach” is located in the west of the island, between the towns of westpoint and lagun, about 1 hour drive from the center of the capital Willemstad. A little further north is the beach Playa Forti and a little south is the beach Small Knip. The Grote Knip is a relatively large beach in a cove wedged between steep cliffs. On top of the rock you have a view over the beach and the clear blue lagoon. On the southern side of the rocks is a car park with it from a rock-cut stairs towards the beach. The beach is not accessible from the northern side of the rocks, since that is wildly overgrown and no walking paths.

The Grote Knip is free. There are relatively few facilities available; a restaurant, and scattered around the beach, benches with huts. There are trees which provided shade. The beach consists mainly of white and very fine sand and is separated in some places from the sea by a narrow strip of coral pieces of stone that are washed ashore from the sea. The beach is frequently visites by both locals and tourists. The calm water is a big plus for snorkelers, especially on the sides of the rocks where there are lots of fish and coral reef.

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